ASME NQA-1 Nuclear Quality Program Overview and Nuclear Lead Auditor Training and Examination

26-29 August 2014, Helsinki, Finland

The first half (2 days) of the training provides an overview and interpretation of nuclear industry standard ASME NQA-1 Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications. The second half (1,5 days) of the training will be provided on auditing to NQA-1 criteria and industry methods following the subjects listed in Requirement 2, para 303.2. The Training allows participants to meet the requirements for training and examination for Nuclear Lead Auditors.

The training will be directed to those having previous experience in performing as a lead auditor for other quality assurance standards.

More information from trainers' website,Arsenal Consulting. The training will be held in English.



FinNuclear Association members

 Overview Training
 800 € + VAT 24 %
 Lead Auditor Training
 400 € + VAT 24 %


 Overview Training
 1300 € + VAT 24 %
 Lead Auditor Training
 700 € + VAT 24 %


Technopolis Ruoholahti 2 (Reception for venue details)
Energiakuja 3 

Puh. +358 46 870 5005

Car parking under the Technopolis premises.

Jekaterina Lavonen
+358 44 710 2062


Cancellation fee: 

- free of charge if cancelled over 4 weeks before the event 
- 25% if cancelled 2-4 weeks before the event 
- 50% if cancelled 1-2 weeks before the event 
-100% if cancelled 0-1 weeks before the event or not cancelled at all